Starting in 1999 as the Historical Awareness Society Program (HASP) in Philadelphia, taking a sense of social justice to heart, and realizing the onslaught of corrupt governmental practices which undermines the full potential of free national government. We the Free Indigenous People of Earth as one Universal Family of Man and Wombman have pledged to each other as an international coalition of like minded private individuals that; we will all do whatever it takes to remove the flesh-peddling, slave-making, slave master, Colonial oppressors and their racist regimes from within the fabric of our Humanity and human existence on this planet as a whole.

Taking our position as Earth's last vestige of human rights defenders, We the People of the Human Rights Defense Coalition take a stand against all forms of human rights violations. Taking things into our own hands as the de jure indigenous tribal nations and governments of our respective territories, We the People, in accord with the Sovereign rights identified in various international treaties and agreements, give international notice to all of the remnant Spanish Inquisition and North Atlantic Slave Trade institutions of post Colombian, Colonial North America that the time for atonement is at hand. No longer will We the People of Earth stand by idly as they advance their sick push to maintain alien domination over our races. And we now put forth the call to all indigenous people to stand with us as we address the serious issues facing us as a sovereign body of people being forced to endure the racist agenda now set in place as a cancer on the Family of Man. With their sick push to mass vaccinate the entire population of earth. Daily reports of foul play in the handling of victims of COVID 19 patients, especially those of melanin skin people, and with corporate greed on the rise due to the global shutdown of commerce; our job is to protect and defend the health and rights of all the communities and nations we serve. This year, as we take this campaign into the heart of chaos and confusion, and as we rectify problems for the benefit of the People. With the grace of our creator, we ask you to fortify yourself on the side of righteousness and help us defend what's left of your humanity on paper, as our enemies move to reconstruct our reality into a MATRIX style nightmare. STAND UP and DEMAND ACTION!